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Prefabricating plumbing and mechanical systems in a controlled environment offer numerous advantages to the project schedule and the bottom line.  Listed below are just a few key aspects of prefabrication that have proven value:

  1. Safety:  Working in a controlled environment at ground level to prefabricate components instead of the job site greatly reduces the risk of on-site injury and lost time incidents.
  2. Increased productivity and regulated schedule:  By prefabricating as many components offsite, production continues even when the project would typically not have plumbers and mechanics on site, such as steel erection.  We also eliminate the weather factor by providing a climate controlled environment for the employees to get there work complete.
  3. Improves the construction schedule:  Having components already assembled and ready for installation leads to less time in the areas which allows subsequent trade work to begin sooner.
  4. Reduced waste:  Instead of scrap pieces being thrown away or lost onsite, those materials can now be used in other assemblies saving the project and ultimately the end-user/owner money.
  5. Quality Control: Assembly and pre-testing off site allows a level of QC that is unachievable through traditional methods cutting testing and repair times in the field.

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